1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Object Detection and Identification.
  2. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device using Internet of Things (IoT).


  1. Climate change and Environment conservation: A study on carbon sequestration in Western Ghats region of Kerala.
  2. Assessment of Land, Hydrological and Atmospheric Parameters Using Satellite and Geospatial Technologies of Kamakshi Gram Panchayat – Idukki, Kerala.
  3. Mapping and Geolocation of Cased Wellbore and Assessment of Land, Hydrological and Atmospheric Parameters using Satellite and Geospatial Technologies of Godardihi Gram Panchayat – Bankura Dist., West Bengal.
  4. Real-Time Mapping of COVID-19 over Indian Region using Geospatial Technologies (Vishvash Jan Kalyan Seva Sanstha, New Delhi).
  5. Flood Risk Assessment under Climate Change over Kullu Region.
  6. Land use and Land cover Classification over Cochin Region using Object-based Image Analysis (OBIA).
  7. Urban Growth Prediction of Cochin Region for the Year 2035 using Urban Growth Modelling Techniques.
  8. Prediction and Spread Visualization of COVID-19 Pandemic using Machine Learning.


  1. Net Zero Paalana Hospital, Palakkad, Kerala
  2. Net Zero Carbon emissions Alathur Panchayat- Feasibility study
  3. Site Suitability Analysis for Soil and Water Conservations Structures in Kishorpura Catchment Area in Rajasthan.
  4. Automated Tree Crown Cover Estimation of Mango (Mangifera indica) Orchards using VHR Satellite Data.
  5. Forest Density Mapping and Change Detection over Barkot Forest, Uttarakhand using Earth Observation Data.
  6. Mapping the Effects of Urban Heat Island using Land Surface Temperature Puducherry City.