Equator Geo was founded upon a simple idea, to employ GIS technology and Informatics to create a more eco-friendly approach to life. What we focus on is utilizing the broader perspective that Geographic Information System and the field of Information Technology provides to create a fundamental approach that would aid an individual or an enterprise in adopting a system that is more sustainable for the environment. With climate change mitigation efforts becoming more and more pressing, it has become essential for individuals and organizations across the globe to adopt a more eco-friendly approach. And we at Equator Geo aim at creating and providing services that would help mitigate these looming issues in a manner that is more ‘cleaner’ and ‘compatible’ with our environment.

We primarily focus on reducing carbon emissions and helping clients achieve carbon neutrality by utilizing GIS technology to create an effective customized system and we model our programs with such objectives in mind. Our net zero project was designed with this goal in mind to help the client develop a structure that would offset their carbon emissions and achieve their goal of becoming a carbon-neutral enterprise.

Our team comprises trained personnel from various domains such as Remote sensing, Geographic information systems, Photogrammetry, Forestry and Agriculture sciences, Geoscience, Geohazards and Disaster Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Water resources, and cryosphere studies, etc. We work closely with our clients always keeping an open channel of communication as we believe that it is extremely important to both understand and to be understanding if we are to create an efficient sustainable structure together.


To foster sustainable ways of development that can aid climate change mitigation efforts. Equator Geo strives to unlock the potential of technology and inclusivity to achieve our goal of attaining net-zero emissions, whilst providing innovative solutions to our clients. We strive to lead by example, treading along the domain of remote sensing and exploring new ways to reduce our own carbon emissions and showcase to the world an effective method towards environmental resurgence.


Our professionals are competent enough to handle extremes of any projects and provide timely solutions.

Dr. Ekta Pathak Mishra


Jais Jose

Co-founder & Director

Bibin K. Augastian

Co-founder & Director

Aryan Natwariya

Co-founder & Director

Murali Kochukrishnan

Advisor - Hydrology & Hydrogeology

Saji Joseph

Advisor - Legal

Dr. Haridas V R

Advisor - Climate Justice

Prof. Kuldip Singh Sangwan

Net Zero & Industrial Advisior

Jincy Jose

Senior Enviornmental Expert

Dr. Renuka Thakore

SDG Advisor

Arjun Suresh

Advisor - Hydrogeology

Iwin K Augastian

Climate Change Expert

Agnes Liji George

GIS Expert & Urban Palnner


ML & AI Expert

Binu Johns

GIS Expert & Agriculturist

Hrishikesh P

Marine Biologist

Kiran Jangra

GIS Expert & Ecologist

Shreya Sharda

Urban Planner

Thara K Thankappan

GIS Expert & Environmentalist - Hydrogeology

Shivani Kalra

Agriculture Modelling Expert

Kiran Bhamblani

Digitization Expert & Cartographer

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